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The History of SKM Systems Analysis, Inc.

SKM Systems Analysis, Inc. is a California-based corporation founded in 1972 by three progressive engineers with a desire to automate electrical design calculations.

They originally developed the DAPPER power system analysis software on a mainframe at the UCLA Computer Center. By 1978, DAPPER was running in time-share mode on the Control Data Corporation mainframe, and being used by engineers both in the United States and internationally.

The first PC version of DAPPER was released in 1981, followed in 1983 by the CAPTOR time current coordination software. A_FAULT was developed in 1988 and IEC_FAULT in 1991, to provide ANSI and IEC-909 fault calculations, respectively. The dynamic simulation program I*SIM and the harmonic analysis program HI_WAVE filled out the DOS-based product line in 1992.

In 1995, SKM released Power*Tools for Windows (PTW) - completely built from ground up using the latest Windows development tools. The new Windows PTW line of software offers the same powerful studies that have been available in DOS, but adds greater flexibility, enhanced ease of use, and graphical functions not available in DOS. PTW was first released in December 1995 with the base DAPPER and CAPTOR modules. A_FAULT, IEC_FAULT and TMS were added the following year. HI_WAVE was added in 1998, I*SIM in 1999, and the Device Evaluation module in 2000. The Ground Grid, Reliability and Single-Phase/Unbalanced 3-Phase studies were all added in 2001. Throughout the development process, the PTW interface has continually expanded and improved, to provide maximum flexibility and ultimate ease-of-use.

Why Choose SKM?

Quite simply, Power*Tools for Windows is the Gold Standard to which all other software packages must be compared. No other software can match SKM Power*Tools for project analysis flexibility, speed, or database integration. And with over 45,000 users worldwide, no other software package has the breadth of support from the professionals in the engineering community of SKM Power*Tools for Windows. From industry leaders like Cutler-Hammer, GE, Square-D and Siemens Westinghouse, to independent contractors and leaders in every industry, Power*Tools is the application of choice when it comes to electrical engineering software.

However, there is much more to Power*Tools than industry wide acceptance of a superior product. SKM Power*Tools for Windows is backed by a world class technical support staff that is comprised entirely of electrical engineers. With over 20 percent of our support staff holding registered professional engineer certifications, you can be assured that you are talking to someone who understands your problems and not just someone who is reading answers to you from a handbook. In addition to their degrees and certifications, SKM support engineers are required to have at least three full years of experience with the Power*Tools suite of software and to maintain their knowledge by instructing classes on the various Power*Tools Study Modules

If top-notch products and unparalleled customer service aren't enough, SKM Systems Analysis, Inc. offers even more. Your purchase is backed by a company with 45 years in the industry. We were the first to market, and have consistently offered our clients the best electrical engineering product available. Couple this with our industry leading training classes and our customizable Corporate Training Program and you can see why SKM offers each and every customer a true advantage!