How do I make my PC see the Memohasp Hardware key?

You have successfully installed PTW32 locally on your machine and have attached the Aladdin MemoHASP Hardware key to the parallel port or the Aladdin MemoHASP USB to the USB port. However, when you try to execute up the software, you get the following error message.

Error Message: "No network key server running and no local hardware key found..."

Reason: This message appears when you try to execute PTW32 and the hardware key connected to the local parallel port or USB port cannot be detected by PTW32. This is probably because the required drivers are not installed on your machine.

Solution: Complete the following to install the MemoHASP drivers on your machine:

Step 1 - Start Key Utility program from the Start Menu - Programs -- Power Tools for Windows vXXXX - Key Utility.


You can also start the Key Utility program (KeyUtil.exe) from the Bin folder of where PTW32 was installed.

Step - 2 Select the "Aladdin MemoHASP" or the "Aladdin MemoHASP USB" option, and then click the "Go to Key Program" button.


Step 3- Select the "Install the Device Driver..." option, and click on the "OK" button.


A window screen similar to the one below will appear and click on the "OK" button.


Step - 4 Click on the "Exit" button of the SKM Key Utility window.


Upon successful completion, execute the software and it should now operate.