Problems converting projects between different versions of the software.

When opening a project created in an older version of PTW, the software will automatically convert it to the newer version as well as validate and fix any errors that it has encountered.

Before any conversion, please be sure to make backup copies of all your projects and library files. Once converted, the project and libraries cannot be opened in older versions of the software.

If the conversion process hangs (does not complete), please make sure that the project resides locally on that computer which is completing the conversion. If the project is on the network, copy it locally and attempt the conversion again.

To validate any projects, open PTW and close out of any projects. Then go to the Project pull down menu > Open and navigate to the project folder and find the .prj file. While holding down both 'Ctrl' and 'Shift' buttons on the keyboard, open (double click on) the .prj file. It will now ask you to validate the database.


Select 'OK' and let the process finish. Any errors found during this process will automatically be fixed.