How do I change the working distance in my Arc Flash spreadsheet?

Working Distance Equipment Type kV
24 inches (610mm) Switchgear ≤ 1
18 inches (455mm) Panel ≤ 1
36 inches (910mm) Switchgear > 1 & < 35
72 inches (1829mm) Switchgear > 35
18 inches (455mm) all others N/A

To change the working distanced based on your engineering judgment, left-click on the desired bus name cell and then right click to display the menu. Here you can 'unlink' six different fields.


This will unlink the working distance for a bus(s) you have selected, not all buses.

To globally change the working distances for several buses, highlight the working distance cells in the Arc Flash Evaluation window. Right-click to display the menu and select Global Change.


You may now enter a new value for the working distance. This can only be done for cells that have already been unlinked.