Customer Testimonials

At SKM, our customers and clients are our strongest allies. We frequently receive compliments on our products and customer service and we believe these comments will offer you a realistic look at how Power*Tools is being used on a daily basis.

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Charlotte, North Carolina

We rely exclusively on SKM Power*Tools for Windows for all electrical system analyses that we perform in both new and existing facilities. In new facilities, we utilize PTW through all phases of the design process from conceptual design through project closeout. We start with a conceptual single line in PTW and utilize the software for preliminary equipment sizing. As we move deeper into the design phases of a project, we utilize PTW for selective coordination of overcurrent protective devices to meet NEC and local jurisdiction requirements. As we finalize a project, we print equipment arc flash labels from PTW and compile a comprehensive report that includes a short circuit study, protective device coordination study and arc flash risk assessment detailing every electrical component in the facility.

We count on PTW to provide us with accurate, repeatable results in a timely manner. Whether we are evaluating an existing small office with a few panelboards or designing a mission critical facility with thousands of buses, SKM PTW has been the right software for the job. Behind that software is the SKM support staff. When any questions arise, they have been very responsive both via email and phone and this has been invaluable when working towards a quickly-approaching project deadline. We would recommend SKM and PTW to anyone looking for a robust system analysis tool.

WBM Group, PLLC is a mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering firm headquartered in Charlotte, NC. We provide engineering, design, consulting, BIM modeling and 3D coordination services for commercial buildings. You can find out additional information about the company through our

Zach M. Nesler
Barr Engineering Company
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thank you so much for working with me to coordinate the SKM training for Barr Engineering. It was a huge success!!
[Instructor] is, hands down, an EXCELLENT instructor!  He knew the material, presented in an understandable manner, was patient and helpful with our questions, and made the 24 hours of training a pleasant experience for our engineers. I will say I was a little nervous with how our group would absorb the training, but I received a ton of positive feedback, especially for [Instructor]. The training has initiated a lot of excitement for our group and we’re excited to put our new knowledge to good use to help better serve our clients. Please make sure [Instructor] knows how much we appreciated his effort. 
Thank you again…


Ampcontrol is an Australian electrical engineering company. We design, manufacture and distribute a range of products from specialized protection relays to mobile substations, power factor correction systems and high current rectiformers. You are welcome to visit our website for more information about us.

Our manufacturing division uses Power Tools for Windows as a design and analysis tool to ensure the correct application of our products in the client's installation. Our service division uses PTW to carry out loadflow and protection studies for our clients - typically mining or industrial operations with high voltage reticulation. We have a network license for use in the office, and a stand-alone license for PTW-LT, which we use for quick calculations in the field on a laptop computer - very handy for checking customers' protection settings while we are there testing their relays.

We have found PTW to be a high quality, efficient, easy-to-use product which gives accurate results in a variety of professional presentation formats. The service from our local agent, LK Technical, and from SKM itself has been excellent, despite the fact that we are on the other side of the earth!

TAS Engineering
Teeside Automation Services, Ltd., an engineering consultant specializing in Project Management, Instrumentation, Control and Electrical Engineering, in the UK has been a user of Power*Tools for Windows since upgrading DAPPER and CAPTOR from DOS. PTW has provided us the tools to model many large power systems on behalf of a wide variety of “blue chip” clients in the process and utility industries.

Aker Maritime
The main advantage with Power*Tools for Windows is its user-friendliness. PTW is easy to use and the ready-to-use standard models enable you to speed up your work. Changing data is simple and makes evaluating different cases very easy.

David W. Simes, P.E.
Simes & Rosch Engineering
Jacksonville, Florida

"I have used the other power system analysis programs through the years, but no one sells a seamless, integrated engineering tool that works as well as SKM's Power Tools. The program is very simplistic and intuitive, and yet can handle projects of any size and complexity, while conforming to all relevant standards. Data input using the one line diagram is quick and easy and done in a way that avoids mistakes and ensures accuracy."

"The project database is shared by all software modules. For example, when I update device settings in CAPTOR for coordination purposes, the same device is updated in every module. I now spend a lot less time entering and checking data, and more time doing the actual engineering analysis, which I enjoy."

"SKM's technical support department is outstanding. A lot of companies, promise technical support, but you end up talking to voice mail or sending emails. When you do finally contact a real person, they often do not have the technical background or experience to help. This is not the case with SKM's technical support. Their support engineers are almost always available and have worked for the company for many years, so they know their product well."

"Since switching to SKM Power*Tools, fees from power system analysis studies have become 25% of our electrical department's income. Thanks to everyone at SKM for such a great product! "

David L. Bradt, P.E.
vanZelm Heywood & Shadford
West Hartford, Connecticut

"Our company recently decided to evaluate and purchase a new software package to assist us in our short circuit and coordination studies. After our software evaluation we settled on SKM's software. This software has been used extensively over the past couple of months and we are very satisfied with the results. We have encountered only minor problems during start-up, which were quickly handled by SKM's tech support staff. In addition, there have been a few curves that were needed that were not included with the library provided. Again SKM's support staff assisted in creating and sending us the missing curves electronically."

"We are pleased with our results to date and we are optimistic that the software will serve us well in the future."

Herb Putz
Stantec Consulting

"As a regular user of the SKM software I have found the continuous improvements (new releases) welcome and helpful. An already excellent software for power systems studies is becoming even better. There have been numerous occassions when I required assistance and received prompt and friendly guidance. I have been treated professionally and courteously by everyone with whom I have dealt with at SKM. I appreciate the patience and willingness of the technical staff to steer me in the right direction and to help me achieve success on my projects. Without the after sales service and support that I have been receiving, the tasks necessary to realize the potential of this software would not be possible."

Douglas Earhart
Electrical Engineer
Burns & McDonnell Consulting Engineers
Kansas City, Missouri

"The three-day SKM training course that I attended on the Power Tools software was very helpful in developing my understanding of this powerful analysis tool. Prior to attending the course, my experience with the software could be categorized as somewhere between novice and intermediate. I had used Dapper in performing Load Flow Studies and Short Circuit Analysis and was able to model a system in the computer, run a system study, and produce a hard copy of the study for review. However, I was not familiar with the Datablock functionality and had never used Captor. The material covered in class was a practical introduction to these subjects. Also, I learned several "shortcuts" to create the system model more quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend the SKM training course to others."

S.P. Reddy
Senior Staff Engineer
B E & K Engineering
Birmingham, Alabama

"...we have been using SKM Software since 1989, from DOS to the latest version of PTW. We constantly test and verify the software for its accuracy, reliability, and for the devices typically used in the industry. The latest windows version is user friendly and efficient."
"... we are extremely happy with the support SKM provides from assistance with the software application to the software upgrades..."

Michael Hodder
Ontario, Canada

"...the new Device Evaluation package is a real time saver. It creates a report in a fraction of the time when compared to my old spreadsheet method."

Robert B. Swayne, P.E.
Senior Electrical Engineer
P2S Engineering
Long Beach, California

"...the three day April PTW training course was well organized and provided an excellent forum to enhance our use of the software. Having some prior experience with its use, I had been keeping a list of questions and issues for the seminar."
"...the teaching staff was competent and all SKM employees made the session a very positive experience."
Guido G. Zito, P.E.
Senior Electrical Engineer
East Bay Utility District
Oakland, California

"...we are using it exclusively on all electrical engineering studies for our projects. We have found it far more user friendly than using [competitor]. In fact, we have discontinued [competitor's] use."
"...SKM's dedication to improving and enhancing the software is evident in this largest release which is very powerful and yet so easy to use."
"...thank you for your training and product support."

Susan Schiller, P.E.
Senior Electrical Engineer
Industrial Design Corp.
Portland, Oregon
"...we have found SKM software to be an indisposable tool in our work, saving us time."
"...we have made extensive use of the panel schedule portion of DAPPER, and have not found a comparable product on the market."
William Vilcheck, P.E.
Engineering Team Leader
Warrendale, Pennsylvania
"...we have used SKM software to simulate power systems operation ranging from short circuit/coordination to harmonic analysis to transient stability. SKM has been responsive to our engineers' application issues and our customers are aware of SKM's sound reputation."
Anonymous Students
"One of the best course I have attended, very competent and knowledgeable instructors, even created a few jokes!"
“Instructor was great, really know the software and the subject matter. Very fortunate to be able to attend a class with such a competent instructor”
“[Instructor] did an excellent job, and his knowledge & experience related to the software & standards was extremely helpful”
Edwin Fischel
Central America
"...I'm writing to tell you how happy we are with the software. It is really a great tool for our business. "