Auto Coordination and Evaluation

New for PTW Version 8.0, SKM Auto Coordination and Evaluation module is designed to instantly identify coordination and protection issues by evaluating each equipment for adherence to basic coordination and protection rules established by the National Electric Code (NEC) and recommended industry standard practices.

Violations can then be resolved systematically at each location/zone either manually or automatically by creating TCC drawings of the affected area with a single click. The auto coordination feature will attempt to make the minimum amount of changes to the existing coordination and resolve the violations by changing protective equipment settings or frame sizes. New settings can be reviewed or reverted back to the original settings.

The software is designed to evaluate the entire system and identify violating equipment. Quickly view TCC plots to determine the cause of the miscoordination with a single mouse click to efficiently make changes to improve coordination.

Coordination Evaluation is a powerful and time saving tool for power system evaluation and operation.


  • Line Safety - To size and set overcurrent protective devices to carry an interrupt load current, and to withstand and interrupt fault currents. Protective device ratings must exceed fault duties.
  • Equipment Protection - To size and set overcurrent protective devices to protect distribution equipment. Protective device time-current characteristic curves must be to the left and below the equipment damage curves specified by standards or manufacturers.
  • Selectivity - To size and set overcurrent protective devices such that in response to a fault, the minimum area of the electrical system is removed from service.
  • Save Time - Entire power system model can be evaluated in seconds to identify coordination issues.


  • Comprehensive report all system components and their upstream/downstream protective devices.
  • Specific reports of a single equipment and their upstream/downstream protective devices.
  • Evaluates and displays the status and evaluation notes with Pass/Fail/Warning status for each component.
  • Displays violation details in accordance with National Electric Code (NEC) and recommended industry standard practices.
  • Dynamic TCC drawing displaying selected system component withstand/damage curves and protective device curves in the path upstream and downstream to the closest bus.
  • Fix coordination issues and instantly see updated results.
  • Integrated with Equipment Evaluation study module to view greater equipment details, load flow, and short circuit study results.

Study Options:

  • Compare Protective Device Ratings/Long-Time Pickup Amps vs. Equipment Continuous Ratings.
  • Compare Protective Device Curves with Inrush/Starting currents.
  • Maintain minimum coordination time interval between upstream and downstream protective devices.
  • Avoid overlapping between Protective device curves and Equipment Damage/Overload curves.

NOTE:  The Auto Coordination and Evaluation module works together with DAPPER & CAPTOR modules.  Therefore, DAPPER & CAPTOR modules are a requirement to use Auto Coordination and Evaluation.