Cable Ampacity

New for PTW Version 8.0, SKM Cable Ampacity module is for accurate calculation of ampacity and temperature rise in various power cable installations, which is an important part of power system design and analysis. The calculation determines the proper cable sizes to carry specified loads in designing new systems and upgrading power cable installations. The software examines cable temperature and ampacity in performing analysis of existing systems. The accuracy of the calculation provides increased confidence in the design, upgrading, and analysis projects. The software is an efficient tool for making complex calculation tasks straightforward and easy.


The SKM Cable Ampacity module provides the following steady state calculations:

  • Calculate cable ampacity given its maximum coductor temperature
  • Calculate cable maximum conductor temperature given its ampacity

All Calculations include the effect of heat generated by the neighboring cables and external heat sources.


  • Accurate calculation of cable ampacity and temperature rise in various power cable installations.
  • Based on and fully compliant with IEC 60287.
  • Uses the Neher-McGrath approach where IEC 60287 does not apply (considers non-unity load factor).
  • Model cable physical charactersitics.
  • Over 500 prebuilt underground cable raceways. Ability to add user custom models.

Study Options:

Installation configurations includes:

  • In the Air.
  • Underground Duct Bank.
  • Underground Direct Buried Conduits.
  • Underground Direct Buried Cables.