PTW Data Collection

Accurate data collection is critical for any successful project. PTW Data Collection is a standalone program for engineers that desire to capture equipment data electronically while working in the field. Engineers may also use it to transfer hand written data into the software for more experienced engineers to review and conduct analysis on.

New for PTW Version 8.0!


  • Save money and time by entering equipment data once in electronic format.
  • Be more productive.
  • Reduce input errors.
  • Obtain a complete picture of your power system.
  • Projects created using PTW Data Collection can be directly opened with the full PTW suite without any conversion or re-entering of data.


  • Fully interactive software interface with oneline capabilities.
  • Full verified and validated SKM library with thousands of equipment.
  • Create scenarios, make changes, and compare.
  • Component Editor to enter and view specifications of every component.
  • View tabular and graphical representation of data.
  • Modify or create new Datablocks and apply them to oneline drawings.
  • Available in 2000, 5000, and 12000 bus configurations.