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Power*Tools for Windows Version 8.0!
SKM is proud to announce the release of Power*Tools for Windows 8.0!  This new major release is the accumulation of 45 years of research and innovation. As the eight generation of the industry standard PTW software, Version 8.0 is designed and built to unleash your productivity with enhanced tools for system design, model documentation, and reporting features.  This software works in perfect harmony with the next generation platforms and operating systems to deliver the industry’s best power analysis software solution.  Best of all, it’s FREE to all users with a current maintenance agreement!

Here are just some of the many new features in PTW Version 8.0:

1. newAuto Coordination and Evaluation module - instantly identify coordination and protection issues by evaluating each equipment for adherence to basic coordination and protection rules established by the National Electric Code (NEC) and recommended industry standard practices.  Learn more...
2. newCable Ampacity module - accurate calculation of ampacity and temperature rise in various power cable installations.  Learn more...
3. newSPEL Data Exchange module - import SPEL electrical equipment data and connections into SKM projects conveniently and accurately.  Learn more...
4. Added new short circuit methods for Arc Flash Evaluation.  IEC 60909 and Unbalanced/Single Phase fault are now available for use within Arc Flash Evaluation
5. New Load Flow Calculation Method for Islanding Micro Grids (for systems without a swing bus).
6. New Arc Flash Custom Label Designer Fields.
7. New Load Flow calculation method for Islanding Micro Grids (projects without a swing bus)
8. New Zone Selective Interlocking modeling.
9. New option for current limiting fuse to use the let-through curve to determine if ½ or ¼ cycle
should be used as the clearing time in Arc Flash Evaluation.
10. Added oneline component Arc Flash coloring based on the Arc Flash spreadsheet.
11. DC Arc Flash Multiplier Table and Solar Farm Temperature Correction.  Based on IEEE paper DC
Arc Flash Calculations for Solar Farms.


Email or call 1-800-500-4SKM with your license serial number if you have any questions.

2017 SKM Training Schedule
With a successful 2016 training schedule, we are proud to release our upcoming 2017 training schedule.  From software training, protection, arc flash analysis, grounding, motor starting, and harmonics, we have something for everyone to enjoy.  Join us and see why thousands of power engineers have praised our training to be the best in the industry.


Training more than 5 engineers? Email for a personalized On-Site Training quote.
New Intermediate (SKM 103 & 104) Courses
These courses are brand-new for 2017 and focuses on 4 areas of the software where the analysis is becoming more commonplace in the power industry.  Students will earn 1.6 CEUs for each of these courses.

Course 103 - Intermediate Topics 1 in SKM Power*Tools 2-Day Training:

This new course offers a look into our modules such as Cable Ampacity, Coordination/Equipment Evaluation, and DC Systems with Arc Flash.

Cable Ampacity:
Review of software interface and navigation.
Creating underground duct banks and in-air installations.
Use of and creating library models for physical cables and ducts.
Result interpretation.

Coordination Evaluation:
Overview of rules implemented in Power*Tools, including NEC and recommended industry standard practices.
Example practice project demonstrating issues and resolution process.
Review of software interface. All vs Selected equipment list. 
Interpreting results (pass/fail/warning) and Evaluation Notes
Dynamic TCC generation
Report printing

DC Systems with Arc Flash Evaluation:
IEEE 1584 and NFPA 70E standards, NEC and OSHA requirements
IEEE 1584 and NFPA 70E Calculation Procedures
Relationship with Short Circuit and Protective Device Coordination studies
Arc Flash Labeling Requirements, Personal Protection Equipment
Custom Labels and Work Permits
Examples and interpretation of PTW Arc Flash results

Course 104- Intermediate Topics 2 in SKM Power*Tools 2-Day Training:
This new course covers Transient Motor Starting (TMS), Transient Simulation (I*SIM), Harmonics (HI_WAVE), and GroundMat.

Review Solution Methodology.
Review Motor Models.
Review Load Models.
Soft Starter and Reduced Voltage Starting Models.
Input Data Requirements.
Output Text and Graphical Data Overview.

Review of software interface.   
Simulate various dynamic responses to power system disturbances.
Input Data Requirements.
Building custom control block diagrams.
Output Text and Graphical Data Overview

Class example to help gain a basic understanding of how to perform a harmonic analysis.
Interpretation of Equipment datasheets.
Data gathering, data input and system modeling.
Examination and interpretation of PTW study results and potential problem
areas in the power system.

Review basics concepts on why and how to ground.
Review input data and design wizard capabilities.
Calculating step and touch potentials for a reliable and efficient grounding grid.
Evaluate alternatives quickly and easily to establish an optimal design.

Classes fill up quickly, so sign up today!
103 course  
SKM Help Desk
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   My SKM Customer Portal
The My SKM customer portal is now live!  Go to to login today! You'll be able to:
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Solutions For a Growing Industry
As the Power Systems Industry grows and new technologies emerge, more advanced studies will be required. Our state-of-the-art software will be there every step of the way. Whether it be Reliability studies or Harmonic Analysis, SKM will have you covered. Contact us for more information or if you would like a free no-risk demo.
Personal Computing
As our software progresses and our users evolve, there’s an increasing demand to create a customized experience. Power*Tools is the most flexible and customizable software on the market today. Create custom Datablocks, reports, multi-language arc flash labels, one-line templates, and more — quickly and painlessly.
Here are some comments from our previous courses:

“[Instructor] is probably the best communicator I have taken in my 35 years of work. ”

“Extremely well designed class. Good instructor and he was able to pace the class and present the material in an effective manner.”

“The handbook was especially helpful. Instructor clarified some of my misunderstandings.”

“The step-by-step instruction throughout reinforced the processes. That made it easy to remember what I was going to do after awhile. I wish I had taken it 10 years ago!!!”

“It was one of the best trainings I’ve been to. You kept me engaged with very little unnecessary down time and kept the class casual enough where everyone felt comfortable. I appreciate the fact that time seemed to go by very quickly and at the same time I learned a lot more about the software than I thought was possible. The hotel amenities and the group dinner on the first night were great as well.”
Earn Professional Hours by taking SKM Courses!
All our courses are certified by the IEEE organization to provide you with Continuing Education Credits or Professional Development Hours. Don’t let your Professional license expire. Sign up today!
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   PTW Data Collection & Viewer

Accurate data collection is critical for any successful project. PTW Data Collection is a standalone program for engineers that desire to capture equipment data electronically while working in the field. Engineers may also use it to transfer hand written data into the software for more experienced engineers to review and conduct analysis on.

  • Save money and time by entering equipment data once in electronic format.
  • Be more productive.
  • Reduce input errors.
  • Obtain a complete picture of your power system.
  • Projects created using PTW Data Collection can be directly opened with the full PTW suite without any conversion or re-entering of data.

Learn more about PTW Data Collection software here.

PTW Viewer is the perfect tool to provide an interactive electrical model to your customers. Rather than paging through long reports, your customers can display results on the interactive one-line, view time-current curves, print arc flash labels, and many other activities. With the Viewer there is no chance of inadvertent modifications to the power system model.

  • Open, view, print, and export all study results from any project without a full version of PTW.
  • Create new one-lines from existing components and expand the one-lines.
  • Modify or create new datablocks and apply them to any one-line and TCC.
  • Adjust component position in existing one-lines and add annotations.
  • View different scenarios created from the base project and compare the results of multiple scenarios in the Data Visualizer.
  • Create customized Arc Flash labels, print Warning Labels and Work Permits.

Learn more about PTW Viewer software here.

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